What is Future Perfect?

Shivram Kumar- Founders Double Diamond

Future Perfect is a success habit building program which consists of an amazing collection of basic but essential skills to help you succeed in all areas of your life. This program will take you on a Transformational Journey as it has been designed to map your unique learning needs and to help you progress at a fast pace.

Future Perfect empowers you by deepening your understanding about the various aspects of your personality & self by systematically working on your mind set, heart set, attitude and skills with highly personalised help from our experts.

Why do I need Future Perfect?

Shivram Kumar- Founders Double Diamond


  • Build self-confidence, first impressions, and overall personality through image management
  • Gain an edge over others in your networking skills
  • Take a leap in generating new opportunities in your professional, social and personal life
  • Interact on 1-on-1 basis with Image consultant experts

How I do I become a part of Future Perfect?

Shivram Kumar- Founders Double Diamond

Future Perfect Process

Leaders Speak


Body Language

Body Language is important when interacting in a business environment. With this module, one can ensure that what is being voiced is confirmed by body language.

Business Essentials

One can never have a well-balanced meeting with business associates until one has aced Business Essentials. Understand the art of probing and listening.

Business Presentation

Business Presentation not only helps one discover an innovative method of presenting one�s ideas but also different ways in which one can engage with the audience.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills empowers one in not only delivering a fantastic speech but also in handling communication between people more efficiently.

Conflict Management

Handle tough situations when facing conflicts. This module on Conflict Management helps one become more assertive and handle objections with flair.

First Impressions

Leave a lasting impression on others in a business interaction. The module, First Impressions, not only enhances one�s own image but also that of the business.

People Skills

People Skills are critical for managerial and development program roles. Stay well versed with People Skills to lead people, aspire to lead people, and work within teams.

Development Program Skills

Inculcate Development Program Skills with this module to create a personality that can not only lead others in the right direction but also lead by example.

Goal Setting

Understand the Art of goal Setting. Decide what has to be achieved, stay motivated and devise the best method to successfully achieve the goal, through this module.

Success Habits

A leader is made up of habits. Through this module, one can instill success habits that will encourage success and bring desired results to move ahead in life.


To achieve goals, one must have the motivation and drive to overcome obstacles and chase better results. Discover motivation and its various aspects through this module.

Time Management

Time waits for none. Every goal comes with a timeline and to stay within the predestined time frame one must first ace the module on Time Management.

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Success Habits

You are your habits. Building habits that take you closer to success are the need of the hour and Future Perfect gives you just that and more. Future Perfect instills in you newer capabilities to absorb success habits that will leave a positive impact on your day to day life.

Attitude And Personality Building

In today's day and age, our business demands us to meet new people on a daily basis. While just meeting people is not the goal, possessing the right attitude and personality will enable you to leave a lasting impact on the ones you meet. This aspect is extremely crucial as it determines your business building capabilities.

Building Relationships

We focus on relationships more than anything as we believe that our work is more based on trust than just words. This is why Future Perfect provides you with the knowledge and wisdom on how to not only build relationships but also sustain them in a manner where it blossoms into a fruitful association.

360 Degree Transformation

Becoming a part of Future Perfect ensures that you undergo a 360 Degree Transformation that reflects positively in your professional, personal and social life. The skills and expertise that you derive from the course are sure to help you climb up the ladder to success.

Development Program

Get well versed with the latest topics on Development Program through Future Perfect. Here, you will not only understand the skill of becoming an effective leader but also gather expertise on successful ways of leading teams

Work-Life Balance

Future Perfect Development Program enables you to build a balanced mindset and a positive attitude which eventually help you to maintain a good work-life balance.


I feel really good after taking the Future Perfect Assessment as the result I have received for the data I shared, is significant and very much related to the person that I am. I will be opting in for the training suggested by the system. Also, I am positive that if I do opt in for this, it will only help me progress in both my life and business.


Ranjit /Government Employee

I found the Future Perfect Assessment extremely interesting and I think it will help many people connect with their inner selves. The questions asked in the assessment actually helped me understand myself better. This will help me fine tune my personality and also develop myself.


Dr. Mohandas /Gynecologist

Taking the Future Perfect Assessment has been an eye opener for me as I got to understand myself a lot more today. I now know my positives and negatives where I can relate with my strengths and weaknesses. I can now begin working on my weak points to enhance myself.


Pahadi Sinha / Businessman

Future Perfect is a very good program as I can relate with the result. I am looking forward to taking these trainings as I feel these are very essential today.


Atunu Sinha / Doctor

It is very important to know your own true self, because only then can you improve yourself. After taking this assessment, I know my areas of improvement and strengths. I want to take the training immediately as I feel it is vital.


Prashant Sharma / Corporate Professional

I just love this test because it tells you all about your personality. I would recommend this assessment to everyone as I feel it is really useful for every person. It gives you many options in trainings as well.


Namita Lodhia / Physiotherapist




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